Over the past few years, a transgender tsunami has swept the nation, completely overtaking the medical, educational, and counseling industries, and forever altering hundreds of thousands of young girls’ lives.

What is going on? How did it come to this? Who is behind it? And what is coming next?

Filmmaker and father Don Johnson traveled the country to find out.

We are all being affected by the transgender phenomenon. Here is a film to help make sense of it, and provide a way out. For the past year, filmmaker Don Johnson has been traveling the country talking about this issue with people from all walks of life: parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, pastors, professors, and transitioners of all kinds. The story he uncovered will shock, anger, and sadden you, but also give you hope that we can turn this around.

Featuring stories and insight from Daisy Strongin, Billboard Chris Elston, Ryan T. Anderson, Abigail Favale, Walt Heyer, Maria Keffler, Erin Brewer, Christopher West, Patrick Lappert, Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, Carl Trueman, Carl Olson, Billy Burleigh, Gary Michuta, Margaret McCarthy, Branda Lebsack, Michael Hanby, and Benjamin Wiker.